Welcome to Mother Nature Nutrition Counseling!

Mother Nature Nutrition provides nutritional counseling at my office in Jackson, WY, via email, or in the comfort of your own home. Based on the belief that the best nutrition comes from the earth, Mother Nature Nutrition promotes eating fresh, organic, non-processed foods for life.

Whether you want to prevent disease, lose weight, treat a diagnosed disease, feel better or just be more healthy, I can help. I specialize in gut health; detoxification; fertility, prenatal, and child nutrition; autoimmunity; and food sensitivities and allergies. Not a diet, a lifestyle…Contact me today to set up an appointment and start your path to healthy living!

Why Mother Nature?

The more I read about nutrition, the more I realize we should eat what comes from the earth. I believe it is the “food” that man has invented that is causing so many of our modern health problems.

Less than 100 years ago, a short time in the evolution of man, there were no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup or even pesticides. There were no Big Macs, Tofurkeys or Pop Tarts. There were also far fewer incidences of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, ADHD and other “modern” diseases that many of us will have today. To me, the connection is clear.

So I believe in eating what mother nature provides: fresh fruits and vegetables, organically-raised meats and raw dairy, whole grains and nothing processed or altered. For your health, the health of our country and our world. Because the food that best sustains us also sustains Mother Nature.



“…there is no way to process a food into as nutritious a product as the original food.” -Hoffer and Walker