From the South to the West

I moved to Jackson, Wyoming for the summer after graduating college in South Carolina. Excited to hike in the mountains, I also learned to mountain bike and snowboard and haven’t looked back since. More than a decade later, I continue to find health and happiness in the Tetons as well as by traveling the world and learning about different cultures and cuisines.

Nutrition Education

I started learning about nutrition after moving to Jackson and being introduced to how animals are raised in this country on factory farms and the health consequences of eating those animals. I also started learning about all the nutrients in foods and their function in the body. This knowledge inspired me to eat well so that I can live a long, healthy life and continue doing the activities I love throughout my life.

After becoming a vegetarian for 7 years and reading many nutrition books, I decided to officially study nutrition. I completed an M.S. in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health in December 2008. Through that program, I learned the importance of eating unprocessed, fresh foods that mother nature provides.

Local, Organic Food

In 2004, I started volunteering as a workshare at Cosmic Apple Gardens, an organic CSA in Victor, ID. I saw how differently animals are treated on an organic, biodynamic farm and that they are an integral part of the farm. I realized that eating grass-fed, organic beef and pork is radically different from eating factory-farmed animals and the antibiotics, hormones and pesticides that become a part of them.

I also learned more about the importance of eating vegetables that are grown organically without the use of pesticides and that are more nutrient-rich since they are grown in healthy soil and can be eaten the day they are harvested.

I worked as the workshare manager and market girl at Cosmic Apple for the past 4 summers and have been able to pursue my passion of promoting local, organic and healthy food by being a board member of Slow Food in the Tetons.  I work as Manger of the Natural Living department at Lucky’s Market where I use my knowledge of nutrition daily as well as continually learn more about supplements and nutrition. I founded a local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation for Jackson, WY and Teton Valley, ID.

Most recently, I have partnered with Dr. James Raniolo at Wyoming Center for Optimal Health as his nutritionist. I also became a certified GAPS practitioner in May, 2014.

Now, I want to share my knowledge with you and show you how and why to eat local, fresh and organic food.