Nutritional Consultation

  • $75/ hour and up
  • Private consultation based on a food journal. Explore ways to achieve your health goals specific to your body type and needs. Get a personalized recommendation as to what changes in diet and/or supplements may be beneficial for you.
  • I ask you to record in a food journal everything that you eat for a ¬†few days up to a week. Not only what you eat, but the quantity eaten, the time, how you feel afterward and when you exercise. This is important not only for me to see what you eat, but you may also come to some realizations about your eating habits that you want to change.
  • In addition to the food journal, if necessary I use food sensitivity testing through an elimination diet, food allergy testing and vitamin and mineral deficiency testing to determine your individual dietary needs.

Grocery Store Tour

  • $75/ hr
  • Walk the aisles of the grocery store and learn what healthy food choices to make as well as what to look for on package labels.
  • It is especially important to be able to understand the differences between what manufacturers claim is “healthy” and what actually nourishes your body.

Detox Support

  • $100/ week
  • Going through a detox isn’t easy, especially for the first time and without guidance. I can coach you through a healthy cleanse with recipes, suggestions and by being on-call to answer any questions you have.

Cooking demonstrations

  • 1-2 hours, prices vary
  • Explore healthy cooking styles through a 1-2 hour demo. Demos include: nourishing soups, anytime sauces, indian dal & curries, dips & spreads, and more!

Group classes

  • $100/1 hour class
  • Host a group class in the comfort of your home on topics ranging from heart health, disease prevention, nutrition for athletes, nutrition for woman, etc. Let me know what you would like to learn!